A Software-as-a-Service toll fraud mitigation platform

for global Carriage Service Providers.

Early detection

When toll fraud is in flight, every minute that it continues multiplies your lost revenue.

But TollShield® passively monitors your network traffic, using proprietary data to rank the threat of every call, and alert you to unusual traffic patterns. All within minutes of it being detected.

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Real-time blocking

TollShield uses real-time data to block unusual traffic once detected. Toll fraud is a highly sophisticated, ever-evolving cyber crime. Static defences, like firewalls, are not enough.

With TollShield® you can proactively respond while toll fraud is still in flight. Block toll fraud manually or automate blocking for enhanced fraud mitigation.

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Scalable deployment

Toll fraud is lucrative. And the larger your toll network, the greater the attraction for cyber criminals.

That's why TollShield® seamlessly grows with you. Built with SaaS and mobility in mind, TollShield® scales across multiple SIP networks and billions of calls per month.

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The TollShield® advantage

Stop toll fraud. Fast. Say goodbye to tedious CDR reviews and after-the-fact guesswork.

The TollShield advantage | Toll fraud mitigation for Carriage Service Providers


Proactively monitor, detect and block unusual traffic