About TollShield®

TollShield is an advanced toll fraud mitigation platform, designed and engineered by Symbio Networks in Sydney, Australia



Toll fraud is a global cyber crime that targets fixed-line voice communication networks, stealing billions of dollars of global communications revenue every year. Toll fraud afflicts every level of the communications market, from global carriers to household consumers. But this is more than just an 'industry' challenge. Toll fraud revenues fund organised crime, corrupt regimes and terrorist groups right across the world.



Our mission is to end toll fraud, and TollShield® is our answer to this global challenge. TollShield® uses machine-learning to understand the difference between 'normal' traffic and emerging toll fraud. 


Award-winning innovation

Since global launch in 2014, TollShield® has won many awards and many happy customers. TollShield® is shortlisted among Australia's Smart 100 innovations (Anthill 2015), and has won industry honours from the iAwards (NSW Industry & Platforms Innovation of the Year  2016; NSW Business Service of the Year 2016) and the ACOMMS (Emerging Vendor Innovation 2016).


TollShield awards and recognition

iAwards & ACOMMS trophies - 2016


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