Automatically block unusual traffic

Stop toll fraud. Fast.

Target fraud

Responding to toll fraud requires nuance - as well as speed. TollShield® gives your Team the option of a range of ways to block unusual traffic.

Your Team can block by destination, by customer or target both. This flexibility allows a range of responses, in keeping with network management policy and objectives.

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Automate blocking

The advantage of real-time detection can be squandered if your Team is too slow responding to alerts. And your revenue losses can rapidly multiply.

But TollShield® automatic blocks enable you to eliminate human error, by seamlessly triggering a block command when an unacknowledeged threat becomes critical. 

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Review and adapt

Predicting the future often means learning from the past. That's why TollShield® includes powerful reporting tools for analysing traffic data and fraud threats.

Track, filter and visualise your data. Actionable insights help you to measure the effectiveness of your Team, and calculate TollShield® ROI.

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Block and mitigate unusual call traffic with TollShield®.