Automatic fraud blocking

Configure automatic blocks that eliminate human error

Automatic toll fraud blocking | TollShield SaaS toll fraud mitigation

Seamless toll fraud mitigation

Toll fraud is a sophisticted cyber crime. Toll fraud is carefully planned and engineered to escape detection, and with clever timing, criminals can maximise their theft.

Typically the most damaging toll fraud attacks are timed to coincide with national events or public holidays, when your Team is depleted or distracted. So you lose the mitigating effect of rapid response.

But TollShield® enables ongoing protection through automatic blocks. When unusual traffic is detected, and meets the thresholds you configure (such as a designated FraudScore or time elapsed without alarm acknowledgement) TollShield® will instantly issue a block command that stops toll fraud.

Technical note:

Automatic blocking requires pre-configuration and can only be enabled through integration with Network Management Systems (API and developer kit coming soon). 

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