Toll fraud reporting

Measure and track the details that matter

Toll fraud reporting and analytics | TollShield SaaS toll fraud mitigation platform

Be informed and accountable

Knowledge is power. And with TollShield® you can empower your Team through detailed reporting tools and real time data, all easily accessible from the TollShield® Command Center - accessible from any device or location.

TollShield® collects data on a range of actionable metrics, and stores this information in the Secure Cloud for easy on-demand access. Your Team can review alarms and notifications, analyse historical and real time traffic reports and segment data for even more effective measurement.

Real time data

Although other fraud mitigation solutions rely on after-the-fact reporting, TollShield® provides your Team with a real time feed of important information once detected, such as current threats and traffic patterns. So you're never left behind.

Call traffic records

TollShield® also generates reports on your toll traffic, like call attempt density and geographic comparisons. This data is essential for understanding how your network generates revenue, and where weaknesses may persist.

Alarm history

Long-term data is needed to track your Team performance and ROI. So TollShield® includes reports on fraud incidents which can be filtered and segmented to produce actionable metrics that help your Team combat future threats.

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