Respond to toll fraud with real time data

Proactively block toll fraud once detected

Respond to toll fraud in real time | TollShield SaaS toll fraud mitigation platform

Respond to unusual traffic while it is still in flight

When unusual traffic occurs, TollShield® gives you the the time and information you need to block fraudulent call traffic before it becomes costly. Backed by TollShield® fraud detection technology, your Team can confidently block switch-level traffic whenever a swift response is required.

Block commands can be initiated from within the TollShield® platform via API, SOAP or SNMP (coming soon). Call blocks can be configured to embargo the traffic to a particular geographic call destination, a particular customer, or a combination of customer and geography. This gives  your Team the flexibility to respond with nuance, to a wide variety of threats.

Block by destination

The majority of toll fraud regularly terminates  in a handful of countries. So with TollShield® it's possible to block call traffic to international regions, targeted right down to local call areas.

Block by customer

Destination-level blocks offer the strongest protection from unusual traffic, but may not always be required. A more targeted approach is to block only the calls coming  from a particular (compromised) customer network or PBX.

Block customer + destination

If an even more nuanced approach is needed, TollShield® enables your Team to block certain customers terminating calls to a particular destination. This 'combination' block is a useful alternative if other options are unsuitable.

Learn how your Team can proactively block unusual traffic