Real time toll fraud monitoring

Continuously monitor your toll network for fraudulent traffic

Monitor and detect toll fraud in real time | TollShield SaaS fraud mitigation for Carriage Service Providers

Criminals are smart, but TollShield™ is smarter

To mitigate toll fraud you need real time information. And by deploying the TollShield™ SaaS platform you can easily and continuously monitor billions of calls across multiple networks anywhere in the world. 

Toll fraud is often cleverly hidden and constantly changing. It cannot be stopped by a mere blacklist. But TollShield™ works in real time, and uses patent-pending technology to self-learn from global and network data. This means that TollShield™  continuously monitors your network, and detects suspicious traffic patterns as they emerge

Continuous protection

Within 36 hours of deployment, TollShield attunes to your toll traffic. It creates a benchmark of 'normal' call patterns which reflect the unique form of your toll network. In turn, highlighting suspicious traffic and reducing false alarms.

Multi-factor analysis

All traffic is analysed using our proprietary fraud detection technology. This monitors your call traffic against real-time global traffic patterns, historical fraud signatures and other proprietary toll fraud indicators.

Self-learning detection

Self-learning algorithms cross-reference traffic data from the past and present to detect patterns that are larger than a single network or billing cycle. So your toll revenue is safe from ever more sophisticated and elaborate frauds.

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