Know your priorities

Actionable threat assessment for every call

FraudScore toll fraud threat assessment | TollShield SaaS toll fraud mitigation platform.

Pinpoint and manage priority threats with FraudScore

Not all toll fraud is created equal. And when your team is dealing with multiple threats you need to ensure they spend their time wisely. Every second counts.  But even the most effective fraud detection cannot help your team understand which threats need urgent action, and which threats are safe to monitor for now.

Effective action depends on contextual knowledge. That's why TollShield® uses proprietary FraudScore threat assessment to rapidly rank and prioritise the unusual activity which is detected on your network.

Big data insight

FraudScore threat assessment evaluates unusual traffic using real-time and historical data. This takes into account what types of fraud have been the most costly, the most persistent and the most prevailent.

At-a-glance simplicity

Once analysed, traffic is given a FraudScore rating out of ten. This allows you to quickly discern the plausibility and immediacy of a toll fraud attack. Simple and non-linguistic, FraudScore is a vital tool in your anti-fraud arsenal.

Continuous assessment

FraudScore threat assessments are updated using real time data, as larger unusual traffic patterns or new threats are detected. So your Network Management can be confident they're acting on the up-to-date and complete information.

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