Real-time alerts for unusual traffic

Get early warning of unusual traffic by email and SMS

Real time toll fraud alerts | TollShield SaaS

Stay on top of toll fraud

TollShield® can be configured to send real-time notifications by SMS or email. Notifications are triggered by certain threat events, such as unusual traffic detected with a high FraudScore rating. This enables your entire team to maintain close awareness of present and ongoing fraud.

Notifications are automatically escalated if a threat increases, or if alerts are unacknowledged. So you never need to worry about important information slipping through the cracks. 

Fraud alarms

When fraud is discovered, TollShield® ensures your team is instantly alerted by SMS or email. Notification protocols can be easily configured to fit your Team workflows. So the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

Intelligent escalation

If fraud notifications are missed or ignored TollShield® will seamlessly escalate the alarm - giving priority to the most likely threats. So an unacknowledged email will escalate to an SMS, then manager SMS and eventually an auto block.

Access anywhere

Low-level threats may not trigger alerts, and instead, any notifications will occur within the TollShield® portal. This can be conveniently accessed online from any device. So your team is kept up-to-date, even out of the office.

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