SmartIPX Partners with TollShield for Toll Fraud Protection Tuesday 05 April 2016 @ 16:35

Determined to protect their clients’ networks, SmartIPX has struck a partnership with TollShield to prevent its clients and client’s customers from becoming victim to toll fraud.

The London-based company manages critical communications traffic across Telco, Private and Public Interconnects for Digital Service Providers, MVNO & SaaS organisations.


“VoIP fraud is a lose-lose scenario, it costs margin and damages customer relationships,” said SmartIPX CEO, Paul Tindley.
“With TollShield, SmartIPX is able to end the era of wholesale abdication and deliver a simple, effective and reliable wholesale SIP trunking and termination option.”

Prior to TollShield, SmartIPX could only detect toll fraud after the fact and standard industry practice was to block entire geographical regions if toll fraud was detected. It’s a heavy handed form of defence that significantly limits customers’ networks.

“Wholesale transit is always about enabling routing rather than stopping people making calls! Fraud management as a service is about enabling central network teams to confidently rely upon their partners to exercise controls that their enterprise, corporate and SMB customers can rely upon,” Tindley said.

SmartIPX will fully integrate TollShield into existing customer accounts in Q2 2016 and is expected to be a key service differentiator for all new managed services customers from July 2016.

Find out more about how TollShield can protect your network.