Everything you need for carrier-grade protection

Deploy once. Protect forever. TollShield® makes it easy.

SaaS platform

Older-style toll fraud mitigation tools require you to add embedded software appliances that protect each network separately. This is costly, inefficient and difficult to scale.

Instead, TollShield® uses an innovative SaaS platform that centrally manages a number of  secure network probes (or taps) that can easily scale to support a growing network. 

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Network probes

Monitoring and detection is made possible by the real-time data that is securely fed from TollShield® probes configured to your SIP network. 

Probes are secure, low-impedance and can be deployed in just hours by a qualified technician (Cisco etc). Each probe can manage up to one billion calls per month.

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Command Center

The TollShield® Command Center is an online portal which provides access to admin, configuration, alerts and reporting - from any device or location.

The Command Center empowers your ops team to work together, even if they're not. A real-time 'ticker' surfaces the latest alerts and responses, so everyone is in the loop.

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Carrier-grade fraud protection, ready when you are.