Secure network probes

Deploy fraud protection for up to one billion calls

Scale up to one billion calls with TollShield secure network probes | TollShield SaaS toll fraud mitigation platform

Highly scalable unusual traffic mitigation

TollShield® is designed to rapidly scale to meet the needs of growing networks. This can be achieved by network probes or zero-footprint taps. Probes and taps can be easily added to SIP networks (PSTN and SS7 taps - coming soon) enabling fraud detection across billions of calls, and multiple networks.

TolllShield® probes are hardware agnostic, low-impedance appliances which securely feed live call traffic data back to the secure TollShield® platform. Probes do not require configuration or maintanance, and can deployed inexpensively within hours, by a qualfied network technician (Cisco, or equivalent).

1 Billion calls

Each probe enables TollShield® to monitor (and detect unusual call patterns) across one billion calls per month. Additional probes can be added to extend protection to networks in different locations, or accomodate traffic growth. 

Zero configuration

TollShield® secure network probes are designed for rapid deployment, with low cost and complexity. Once installed by a qualified technician, probes will self-tune and require no further investment.

Fully secure

Typically, probes are configured for low-impedance Port Mirroring and will begin relaying call traffic data within 36 hours. All call traffic data is encrypted, depersonalised and stored in a highly secure cloud environment. 

Option 1: Deploy with secure probes and port mirroring

Deploy TollShield toll fraud mitigation on IP Networks with Secure Probes


Option 2: Deploy with zero-footprint port taps

Deploy TollShield toll fraud mitigation on IP Networks with Zero-Footprint Taps


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