Software as a Service fraud mitigation platform

Innovative fraud protection that grows with your network

Software as a service (SaaS) toll fraud mitigation platform | TollShield

Toll fraud mitigation, reimagined for global carriers 

TollShield® is built around an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that replaces the need for embedded software. Instead of installing and maintaining hardware on each component network, the SaaS platform centrally controls a number of network probes.

This innovative centralised approach is more scalable and efficient. TollShield® can be deployed alongside any hardware brand, and across any number of component networks anywhere in the world.

Technical note:

The TollShield® SaaS fraud mitigation platform requires preconfigured network probes (or taps).

Hardware agnostic

Uniquely, TollShield® does not require a specific hardware deployment. Instead toll fraud mitigation occurs in a secure cloud environment (conveniently delivered as-a-service) that can work with any type of communications hardware.

Centralised control

The TollShield® platform unifies management tools in one OAM&P that covers all your toll networks, anywhere in the world. So it is easy to make global changes, and scale up toll fraud protection as your network grows.

Reduced overhead

By eliminating the need for hardware, TollShield® reduces fixed capital costs of network operation. Being SaaS, there is nothing to configure, periodically update or replace. And multiple networks can be protected at incremental cost.

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