Real-time toll fraud monitoring and detection 

Find toll fraud sooner with TollShield® 

Traffic monitoring

Most fraud mitigation solutions rely on Call Data Reports (CDRs) and other after-the-fact information. But this data comes too late to block toll fraud or mitigate loss.

TollShield® draws on your network data, and uses proprietary technology to parse up to one billion calls, for the suspicious hallmarks of toll fraud.

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FraudScore ranking

A typical CSP can identify hundreds of plausible threats every day, creating a bottleneck as your Team manages a barrage of competing priorities.

FraudScore intelligently assesses, classifies and ranks all active threats once detected. So your Team stays focused on the most pressing fraud threats.

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Real-time notification

It's important for your Team can act on it quickly. Accordingly, TollShield® produces a real-time feed of unusual traffic and possible threats once detected.

The feed can be accessed via the Online Portal and App, or selected users can be notified of unusual traffic by email, SNMP and SMS.

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Continuously monitor your network for unusual call traffic and detect fraud.