Blocking Toll Fraud with Surgical Precision Thursday 03 March 2016 @ 11:13

Toll fraud is costing the global telecommunications industry billions every year and there’s only a few ways to stop it. Standard industry practice has been to block geographic regions if toll fraud is suspected.

This means a network could be barred from calling an entire country due to one suspected breach of security. It’s a primitive form of defence, like treating head lice with a guillotine.

A more precise approach is required – to isolate the source of fraudulent calls and block only that account or path. While the rest of your customers happily keep on calling & generating revenue. This is what TollShield delivers.

TollShield Surgical Precision

Implementing TollShield to defend your network against toll fraud lets you avoid unnecessary destination blocking, thereby reducing customer complaints and potential loss of revenue. Most importantly, fraudsters can no longer rack up monstrous phone bills at your customers’ expense.

The game-changing technology can identify and block toll fraud with surgical precision, isolating a breach in security down to the IP address of the customer whose phone system has been hacked.

TollShield can pinpoint where toll fraud starts and finishes through its comprehensive approach to identifying fraudulent phone calls. Instead of only analysing the data from calls that have connected, TollShield reviews every call attempted by the client’s network.

A lot of fraudulent phone calls aren’t successful, as hackers dial hundreds of different toll numbers hoping to have one connect. The information around these failed attempts is incredibly useful to the TollShield algorithm to then efficiently identify and block toll fraud in real-time.

Blocking all phone calls to one country is not a solution. Detecting and blocking toll fraud with surgical precision is.

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