Types of Toll Fraud Friday 14 October 2016 @ 08:53

Toll fraud is a global problem. Last year it cost the telecommunications industry $38.1 billion according to the Communication Fraud Association. And cyber fraudsters are developing new and unusual ways to syphon money from telcos and end-users alike. There are many varied and intricate ways your network can be breached - here are four of the most common types of toll fraud committed in 2015:


Types of Toll Fraud: PBX Hacking

1) PBX Hacking is the most common type of toll fraud. Hackers trawl the internet looking for vulnerabilities in network firewalls. Once they find a way in, they'll start making premium rate phone calls at the user's expense. Learn more about PBX Hacking.

Types of Toll Fraud: Subscription fraud

2) Subscription fraud occurs when a fraudster gains access to another person’s private information. They then use this information to open a new account in someone else’s name – without their consent. Once the account is open, the fraudsters will start making expensive phone calls at the cost of the unbeknownst victim.

Types of Toll Fraud: Account Takeover

3) Account takeover fraud is similar to Subscription fraud in that it’s a type of identity theft. Instead of opening a new account in someone else’s name, fraudsters gain access to an existing account by calling up an end-user, impersonating their phone provider. They then swindle them out of the necessary private account information they need to access a private account and start making calls.

Types of Toll Fraud:Wangiri

4) Wangiri is an unusual type of toll fraud that preys on the upstanding phone etiquette of its victims. Originating in Japan, it translates to ‘one ring and cut’. And as the name indicates, a victim will receive an incoming phone call that cuts out almost immediately. Thinking someone was trying to get in touch with them, the victim returns the call to the missed number - which will usually have an exorbitant toll fee.


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