Command Center

Gain a single view of threats, responses and call traffic


Toll fraud mitigation mobile app and online portal | TollShield

Visibility is everything

Fraud prospers in darkness. The TollShield® Command Center gives your team a beautiful view of everything that matters on your toll network. Command Center can be accessed online, from any location or device. So it is ideal for today's mobile and globally distributed workforce.

Command Center simplifies day-to-day fraud mitigation. Call data is beautifully visualised, to help you understand gyrations in global call traffic. You can access action logs and detailed CDRs and a real-time 'ticker' shows your whole team the latest alerts, responses, blocks and team actions. So you never have to wonder 'is this resolved?'  

Centralised control

Command Center is the single point of access to configure alert settings and notification protocols across all protected networks. It is easy to scale and manage fraud mitigation as your network grows. 

Actionable alerts

Whenever unusual traffic patterns are  detected, your team can take action directly from the Command Center. All threats are listed in the real-time 'ticker', and high-level threats can be directly acknowledged or swiftly mitigated.

Real-time reporting

Command Center provides you with detailed historical and real-time data after detection. This can be accessed, reviewed or exported (via API or SOAP) as needed. So your entire Team is able to rely on comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information.

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